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凯发线上娱乐_凯发线上娱乐手机版_凯发首页 originated in Shandong Huimin Xiwang animal husbandry, which lasted eight years, and in 2008 moved to Wei Jizhen Development Zone, the project total investment 20 million yuan. Located south of State Road 220, within the the Huimin Wei Jizhen Industrial Park, covering 30 acres, is a collection of feed production, livestock and poultry in the livestock enterprise. The annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of feed, the company purchased the domestic advanced Jinan livestock feed equipment, raw materials hoist, magnetic tube, hammer mill, powder finished hoist, dual-axis paddle High Performance mixers, horizontal screw conveyor, etc., to ensure the integrity of the production process and technical; the purchase of domestic first-class testing equipment, mainly spectrophotometer, analytical balance, electric oven, semi-micro fixed nitrogen and other accurate detection of the test items, raw materials and finished products to ensure product quality and process stability, to ensure that the pass rate of 100% of the finished product quality. The main products include chickens, piglets, piglets series of compound feed; piglets, fattening pigs, sows series of concentrated feed.
The company currently employs more than 60 people, 10 people with tertiary education, including professional and technical personnel 20 people, average age 29 years. Is a dynamic, full of pioneering spirit of the outstanding young team.
The company established its own research team and marketing team, equipped with advanced animal husbandry and veterinary technical personnel services in the majority of farm households, based on local, facing the neighboring districts and provinces.

Adhering to the "independent innovation technology to cast a prosperous life and quality brands live and die," the quality policy, market-oriented, full play to their advantages of dedicated service in the community! !